Class Reading Room


Welcome to the Library cum Reading Room which is one of the central support services of HLC. Situated in the heart of the city, but away from the hustle and bustle of the Janpath, Human Life Centre premises with its lush green campus and contemporary building sets the perfect ambience.

Our main aim is to provide a calm and serene reading environment that facilitates students to enhance their concentration and ensure longer study hours. Students are allowed to bring their own books, notes, or laptops to study for their competitive exams or higher studies. HLC Reading room has a vision and commitment to ensure a cool, conducive and pleasing reading environment to all its registered members with all the required facilities.

Whether you are a student, budding young learner, professional or a home-maker, we cater to all your needs for a perfect study environment.




   Morning Shift

      Timing  : 8 am – 1 pm


   Evening Shift

      Timing  : 2 pm – 7 pm




      Registration Fee  :  300/-


   Monthly Fees

      One half  :  100/-

      Both Halves  :  200/-




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