Typing Typing


   Silence of the typewriters

Shift three decades to the past. The Institute’s heyday when studious youngsters gained the keys to a new world by training to type on sturdy typewriters. The Institute was started in 1981. “Classes were from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Each batch had a one-hour session. Some 300 students used to learn typing here.

   Shift to the present

Now, we have just a morning batch and have typing classes in English, Odia and Hindi. Once the life-line of HLC, the clatter of the machines which began any weekday, today typing room is longing for its good old days. The clicks have been reduced and replaced with those of the types of keyboard.

India prides itself on being rooted – which may help in strengthening socio-cultural values, but is an albatross when it comes to staying technologically abreast with the world.However, HLC still believes that typewriting is a basic skill and acquiring it is necessary for computer-related work. People who know the basic layout of a typewriter’s keys can use computers more efficiently owing to structural similarity. The touch method is helpful to shift to computer typing.” the basics of typewriting give you the correct posture and h and hand movement, which leads to the right speed.

As a result, we are the only ones in the Temple city who have not given up this. We have kept the current manual typing courses alive. But, considering changes in digital world, we felt it was important to combine computer training courses and typewriting courses.” Our current typing course is an amalgamation of both manual and computer typing. HLC is determined to

   “Keep the Typewriters clicking”




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